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Modell HBA 250

Special price for HBA 250 inclusive: hard metal guidances, New: hard metal package, CNC-steering DP 100, fortyfied saw frame, chip wheel, integrated roller conveyor 1600 mm, 27 mm saw band technique, step less cutting speed, Vollhubzylinder, 2-colour spraying grey RAL 7035 u. blue RAL 5010


HBA 250  

Brand new, small measurements and highly efficient cutting results, HBA  models from Daiß + Partner. A full automatic high quality band saw for Qualitätsbandsäge for turner, machine and tool construction. Sturdy conostruction and easy and comfortable handling. All user elements are mounted clear and in handle hight.

Working areas, cutting quality and efficency make the HBA-saws to top models.

Sensational special price: 16.900,00 €

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